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Welcome to the Ultrascale Products web site

On this web site you will find information about Ultrascale products. Ultrascale is the name under which a range of 4mm scale items for modelling British outline steam and diesel locomotives is produced. This range includes the most common locomotive and rolling stock wheels and conversion packs for proprietary, ready to run locomotives. Most of these items can be supplied for either 'OO' Fine scale, E.M. or 18.83 gauges. Also available is a range of worm and wheel gear sets and spur gears suitable for 2mm, 4mm and 7mm scales.

For a comprehensive and up to date list of products and prices, please visit our 'Products' section.


New Product Development

1020mm (3' 4") Disc Diesel Wheel
This wheel is suitable for the Class 43 (253/254) HST. We are looking at fitting brake discs to both the front and back of the wheel, but this may yet be changed to front only. We hope to have these available in the new year as time allows for development work to be completed.

We are also looking at a conversion for the latest version of the Hornby HST.


Scratch Built GNR Ivatt C1

EM gauge GNR Ivatt C1 - Built by Brian Rogers

Spur Gear Calculator


This calculator is an iPhone app that can be used to calculate the Outside Diameter, Centre Distance and Ratio of spur gears and pinions.

Please note that this calculator should ONLY be used for spur gears and pinions, NOT for helical gears.

This calculator was initially developed for use with the spur gears and pinions available via the Ultrascale web site. However, it can be used for spur gears and pinions from other sources.

Version: 2.0.0
Released: 12th June 2014


Latest Production Releases

3'61/2" LMS 10 Spoke tender STANIER.

This is our latest new tender wheel for use on the Ivatt Class 4 also know as 'Mucky Ducks or Pigs' it is available in 'OO', EM and 18.83 gauges.


Cosmetic Chassis Side Frames for Hornby Class 2800/3800.

These cosmetic chassis side frames have been designed and developed by Philip Hall for use with EM and 18.83 gauge wheels. An article dealing with the use of the side frames can be found in the MRJ 216.


Conversion for Hornby Class 2800.

This converstion pack is for the Hornby Class 2800 locomotive and is available in 'OO', EM and 18.83 gauges.


Cosmetic Chassis Side Frames for Bachmann ROD 2-8-0.

These cosmetic chassis side frames have been designed and developed by Philip Hall for use with EM and 18.83 gauge wheels.


For more information on the above 'Latest Production Releases', see the 'New' section of our web site.

Gearbox development using 3D printing

Last updated: 14/09/2013

If you are interested in 3D printing, then why not follow our progress on Facebook as we build and test the 3D printer from Ultimaker.

We have now produced a simple 3D printed gear box case for our new 2:1 crossed helical set set shown below. The basic dimesions of the case are Height 19mm, Width 14mm, Depth 9.5mm. The gear box has ball races on both the input and output sides of the box.


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